John Manville Tour/PDM - March 30, 2017

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APICS Calgary - John Manville Tour/PDM - March 30, 2017

The John Manville Tour/PDM on March 30, 201 in Innisfail, AB was an exciting tour where we all learned and saw how fiberglass insulation is manufactured. We went on a great journey on how this manufaturing facility embraced and continue to utilize Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma practices to be efficient, effective and profitable division for Bershire Hathaway. 

Monique Lemoine (Production Scheduler) and Al Cole (the Continuous Improvement and Six Sigma guru) were our gracious hosts of the John Manville tour. We were greeted and went through the safety orientation which the facility takes very seriously and is a key vision in the company's priorities and core values.

We were given the history and the evolution of the Innisfail production facility. Al educated us on how fiberglass manufacturing worked. The emphasis on safety is evident in the people and facilty as you can visually see the the how important the communication of health, safety and enviroment is for the Innisfail facility.

Thank you Al & Monique for the hospitallity and tour of your wonderful facility.